2 August 2014 |
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ART|JOG|14, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, 8 June 2014

From the last 5 years or so,  there have been a rapid change in the global visual art scene, particularly in Asia. Today, there are art exhibitions and art events in new spaces and hubs flourishing in many places . Major exhibitions are increasingly getting more colossal and contemporary visual ...more >>

Watu Gilang and Watu Gatheng Yogyakarta

In Kedaton village that located not far on south side of Mosque Agung Mataram Kotagede, could be seen Watu Gilang and Watu Gatheng (cantheng) saved in a small building in the middle of a street named suits with those stones. People believe that Watu Gilang as the throne of Mataram-Islam kings ...more >>

Nandi and Siva in Ijo Temple

Ijo temple located on a hill named Gumuk Ijo, the highest hill in Prambanan area. The height is 410 meters above sea level. There is a steep valley with beautiful view on the south side. Ijo temple is a complex of temple contains some buildings with terraces yard. The most holy part is on the highest ...more >>

History of Alun-alun Lor Yogyakarta

  Alun-alun Lor is a field in front of Yogyakarta palace. It is a landmark of Yogyakarta. Called Alun-alun Lor because there two Alun-alun in the north and south side (Lor means north-red). Alun-alun Lor measures 150 x 150 meters with two fenced banyan tress in the middle. The two trees ...more >>

Visit Alun - Alun Kidul Yogyakarta

  History A characteristic of an old town in Java is, there is alun-alun at the downtown. This alun-alun is a wide field that surrounds by banyan tree in the middle. One of them is in Yogyakarta. In powerful era of Mataram Kingdom, Alun-alun Kidul≠ (south) was functioned as a place to supported continuity ...more >>

Taman Pintar Yogyakarta, Learn and Play

People say that Yogyakarta is a city of student. There is an amusement park that completed by technology equipments. This amusement park named Taman Pintar (in English: Smart Park-red). The place was built on a land with 12.000 square meters wide. The park located in downtown of Yogyakarta, nearby ...more >>
  • annual event at Jogja will come soon
  • Watu Gilang and Watu Gatheng Yogyakarta
  • Nandi and Siva in Ijo Temple
  • Alun-alun Lor Yogyakarta
  • Alun-alun Kidul Yogyakarta
  • Learn and Play


LPP Hotel Group Jogja

Situated on the Demangan area that only takes few minutes to the city center, LPP Convention Hotel Demangan stands by to accomodate your needs to stay. Offering you several rooms such as VIP, Suite, Deluxe, Superior, Shower and Economy; ...more >>

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Grage Ramayana Yogyakarta
It only takes about three minutes from the heart of the Legendary Yogyakarta City. This can be the right hotel for you who bring your family or colleagues when visiting Yogyakarta. This hotel will give
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Pantai Sadranan : Keindahan Dibalik Sepi Yogyakarta

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Honda All New Jazz 2014 kini lebih keren.
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