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Pondok Tamsis
Dagadu Malioboroman

Lebaran Obor Ringinharjo

Desa Ringinharjo, Kecamatan Palbapang, Bantul INDONESIA

Tradition of Lebaran is actually still alive and developed up till now at Ringinharjo Village, Palbapang, Bantul. This region is well known with its torch and sate party, which some say that it has been done since 1943.

The party is usually held two or three days after Lebaran, started in around 07.00 PM to 10.00 PM. The torch party is played by 40 persons. Obor is a traditional torch made of bamboo, jute cloth, metal string and coconut string. It must be soaked first in petrol. It must be really wet so it will create beautiful fire.

The history of torch party was started in around 1930s. Once upon a time, KH Kholil, an Islamic leader stayed in Ringinharjo. One of KH Kholil's habbits in Lebaran day was giving food, meat sate, traditional drink of rujak of young coconut and other kind of foods. The drink and food was then given to local people, so sate and rujak of young coconut are the special menu in people party every Lebaran in Ringinharjo.

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